Austin Tattoo Removal Clinic

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New Look Laser Tattoo Removal's latest clinic in located in Austin, Texas. New Look - Texas's leading chain of laser tattoo removal clinics - is pleased to exclusively offer laser tattoo removal services at its Austin, Houston, and Dallas clinics.

Austin Tattoo Removal Specialists

New Look is your Central Texas choice for laser tattoo removal because of our expertise in the laser tattoo removal procedure. Why trust your skin to anyone except for specialists who perform dozens of tattoo removal procedure each and every day, 5 days per week. Many clinics are now offering tattoo removal as one more treatment to offer their existing patients. We've seen too many of these patients experience unneeded and unnecessary side effects from clinics that aren't using the right laser and don't have the experience to made the procedure a success. At New Look all we do it laser tattoo removal - we are experts at our procedure and our affiliation with New Look Laser College, the nation's leading training facility for laser tattoo removal - means you will be treated by some of the country's most effective practitioners.

About Tattoo Removal

Austin laser tattoo removal clinic New Look feels a responsibility to educate patients about this exciting new procedure. We've completed thousands upon thousands of tattoo removal treatments and our founders are the lead instructors of New Look Laser Tattoo, the nation's leading tattoo removal training school.

One simple patient education is how to spell "laser tattoo removal". Many patient spell the word tattoo incorrectly: tatoo removal, tatto removal, tatu removal, tato removal, and several other versions. The word tattoo is from the Polynesian word "tatu" meaning a mark.

Latest technology, best results

We use the most advanced tattoo removal lasers on the market. The Affinity QS and Medlite C6 are designed for tattoo removal and have the right energy levels, wavelengths, spot sizes, and many other settings for laser tattoo removal. As you may now, using a different type laser (hair removal, etc.) when performing laser tattoo removal can lead to unnessary side effects. When an advanced tattoo removal laser like the Affnity QS or Medlite C6 is used for tattoo removal, scarring will almost never result. The reason? These lasers have such a fast pulse with precise wavelengths that they effectively target tattoo ink while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Open convenient hours

At New Look, we realize that you want to remove your tattoo but have a busy schedule. Our tattoo removal clinic in Austin is open from Monday through Friday between 10am to 7pm. Our first patient will be scheduled at 10am and our last patient at 630pm.

Laser Tattoo Removal for Austin, TX

New Look understands that you have several choices when looking to have a tattoo removed in Austin, TX. One of your options is to go to New Look - a speciality clinic that performs laser tattoo removal 5 days per week, all day long, and with lasers designed exclusively for laser tattoo removal. Our certified laser specialists performs dozens of procedure every day and have been trained specifically to perform tattoo removal. Another option would be to go to a medi-spa that advertises Botox, hair removal, and facials in addition to tattoo removal. You have to trust that the person who does your facial will also know enough about the laser to use it properly. More importantly, you have to believe that the medi-spa has the right laser for the job instead of using their one or two lasers incorrectly for dozens of procedures.


How long does it take to remove a tattoo?

This answer has two components - the length of each session and the number of sessions you will need.  Each session takes between 10 minutes for a small tattoo to up to 30 or 45 minutes for a very large tattoo.  When you come to New Look for a tattoo removal procedure we'll provide a free consultation to new patients.  Once you've completed your consultation and had a chance to learn about our procedure and ask any questions you may have, we'll begin the procedure by numbing the skin to make the procedure more comfortable.  We'll then use the laser to shatter the ink in your tattoo.  Most patients describe the sensation from the laser as a rubber band snapping against the skin.  It doesn't feel great, but the procedure itself is quite fast.  For a small tattoo (less than 2 inches by 2 inches) your first session may only take 60 or 90 seconds.  Later laser tattoo removal sessions take a bit more time, but there is less ink in your tattoo and the procedure generally is less painful.